Range Safety Rules


1.        Treat ALL Firearms as if they are LOADED!         Don’t ever assume that one is not!

2.        NEVER point the muzzle at anything you are not willing TO  DESTROY!

3.        Keep your finger OFF the trigger - and OUTSIDE the trigger guard - until your sights are ON the target!

4.        Be sure of your TARGET --  AND what is behind it!

ALL firearms must be in a holster, case, range bag, purse, or other suitable container BEFORE entering Marksman Pistol Institute.

Absolutely NO unsecured weapons are allowed into the facility AT ANY TIME!

You MUST follow the instructions given by the Range Officers at ALL TIMES. Failure to comply will result in immediate removal from the Marksman.

DO NOT load or unload magazines or cylinders in the lobby area. They are to be loaded or unloaded in a booth on the range ONLY - with the firearm facing down range at all times.

DO NOT handle personal firearms or ammunition in the lobby area for any reason.

DO NOT remove your firearm from the holster, case, range bag, purse or other container UNTIL you are in a booth AND  facing down range.

Hearing AND eye protection must be ON before walking through the first door to the range - and must be kept on at all times until back in the lobby - NO EXCEPTIONS.

You may shoot any pistol caliber up to - but NOT including -  .41 Magnum, .44 Magnum, .357 MAX, 50 AE, 223 REM, 7.62x39, FN5.7 etc.

You may only shoot  ONE gun at a time.

Long guns may be utilized in the basic pistol calibers. Range Master will check all long guns to insure your caliber is acceptable.
NO shotguns or black powder firearms.

NO Life like targets or Photos of humans are allowed. Check with range master to see if your targets are allowed.

NO steel core ammunition allowed such as: Wolf, Tula.

NO BB guns, pellet guns or air soft guns.

Cleaning of firearms or gunsmithing in on the range or in the facility is not allowed.

Class 3 weapons owners are required to show their ATF paperwork EVERYTIME they bring them to the range. Failure to show or to have paperwork with you will require the weapons to be removed from the range immedately.

For safety concerns MPI does not allow the use of bump-fire, digital trigger groups or other devices that alter the firing rate of a weapon without ATF  paperwork. 

Law Enforcement, EMTs, Security or Millitary personel who whish to recieve a range discount, must show ID each time they visit the range.

No cell phone use while on the range at anytime for any reason.


                                                                                            RANGE RULES:

BE MUZZLE CONSCIOUS at all times. Keep the firearm pointed down range even during the loading/unloading process.

DO NOT remove the firearm from the booth until you are leaving the range.

DO NOT step out of the booth with an unsecured weapon in your hand.

DO NOT turn and face the lobby with a firearm in your hand.

DO NOT pass guns from booth to booth.

DO NOT crossing the firing line at any time. Shoot only at the target in your lane.  Do not point guns up, down, left, or right.

Only ONE person may shoot in a booth at a time. Anyone not shooting must stand behind the person shooting.

DRESS CODE: FOR SAFETY- NO tank tops, Low cut V neck shirts, sleevelees shirts, NO shorts above the knee or opened toed shoes are allowed on the range.

No food or drinks are allowed on the range.

No smoking, vaping or use chewing tobbacco is allowed on the range or in the facillity at anytime

All Brass on the range floor will be considered Marksman property.  Brass may not be removed without Marksman permission. If you wish to keep your brass please let a range master know.

You may draw from a strong side holster ONLY.  NO CROSS DRAW or SHOULDER HOLSTERS.  Table top must lifted up and be out of the way before drawing. No drawing from the holster while the table top is Down is allowed.

If you wish to do “head shots” on the silhouette type target, ask for a “header” to lower the target away from the carrier.

The electrical switch on the left side of the booth moves the target downrange and brings it back to you.  Distances are marked in feet in black numbers along the wall with matching lines across the floor.

If you have a problem with any firearm and you can’t clear it, bench the firearm with the muzzle pointed down range, get the attention of the Range Master on duty and we will assist you.

Children must remain under direct supervision of a parent or guardian at all times. Ages 10yrs and up are allowed to shoot on the range with a parent or guardian who is 21yrs of age or older.

MPI does not sell ammunition of any type to persons under the age of 21.

Monday–Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday :  10am – 6pm
Friday:  9am – 7pm
Saturday & Sunday:  9am – 6pm